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Blacksearch is a search engine that simply makes it easier to find all Black related information, black owned businesses, aspiring entrepreneurs, products, services, blogs, bloggers, Instagrammers,  articles, news, entertainment, education, directories, market places, black history and virtually everything and anything mainly from a black perspective.


People are searching for black information but it is very fragmented, it’s all over the place and it’s exhausting to try and find this information, so blacksearch is using the latest technology to gather that information and make it more accessible.

Black Owned Businesses

Google is extremely powerful and for the most does a great job when it comes to searching the internet and it is doing it’s best to highlight black-owned businesses, but what you find with black-owned business is they get drowned out in the noise,

Media and Blogs

Bloggers and Media outlets, writers and journalists who provide news and information work extremely hard to give a black perspective on current news, topics of interests or support and information as google is slow to rank or they are non existence and therefore it is hard to build their blog or news service and end up giving up.

We are indexing the internet from a black perspective, allowing for a user who is looking for black related information or who wants to support black businesses, the black community, or who just loves black culture and wants to discover more.

Look at blacksearch as the black google

Search for black related information, Blacksearch has many special features to help you find exactly what you’re looking for and we are constantly improving.

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